When judging begins on The Award for Most Annoying Non-Entity of the Year, it will be a short meeting.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Michael Moore... (did we have to have one just because the Yanks have one?).

This is a guy who gets a job because apparently, no-one else can do it (the Tories have an MP in Scotland – yup, just one – but David Cameron knows it’s easier to let his inferior Coalition partners take the heat).  For those conversant with modern European history, Mr Moore seems to fancy himself as something of a Petain, ‘speaking up for Scotland’ while in reality his reactionary Unionism is selling us out (echoing not the heroic first part of the Marshal’s career, just the ignoble twilight years).  He represents a party that was not elected and yet sits in government in London, albeit in coalition with a party that wasn’t elected by majority rule either, despite the election being run on a simple ‘first-past-the-post‘ basis which is designed to deliver one thing: majority rule.  Now this representative of a minority party, leading a strange parallel bureacratic layer that no-one in Scotland pays much attention to, is telling a government elected by majority rule what it can and cannot do.

Yes, much as the Unionists may hate the fact, the SNP was elected by a majority of voters despite running for election in a system designed to prevent exactly the sort of scenario where Scots voters may actually figure things out for themselves and vote for a Scottish political party and grant it majority government…  here in Scotland.  That’s right folks, when given the opportunity of voting for a second political party on their ballots in May of this year, the majority of Scots voters said ‘nuh‘ and gave their second vote (on the regional list of candidates to the same party).  They certainly didn’t vote LibDem or Tory in sufficient numbers to bother counting, hence the deliberately offensive WWII comparison.

In case any Unionists out there are a wee bit confused about what was involved in the formation of the UK, here is where you can find the full text online.  It’s commonly called The Acts of Union (note the plural) and the main paper document is stored down in London should you erroneously believe – or try to claim in a very Moore-ish way – that the rules shouldn’t be changed just to suit the nationalists or that it’s an internet conspiracy.  You should read it before trying to impose an illegitimate foreign court system at the very least (after all, The Scotland Office is a distinct entity within The Ministry of Justice) and certainly before opening your mouth and guaranteeing even more offence is caused to folk who knew exactly what they were doing when they voted SNP.  Yes, we were saying ‘no’ to London and whether that means further devolution or independence (or independence-lite) will be for us and us alone to determine at a time we determine.

As currently constituted, The Secretary of State for Scotland, is supposed to ease communication between the governments in Edinburgh and London, so get back on the hand Sock Boy and speak only when The First Minister moves his fingers.