no sales without chocolate

We’re recently had a spate of folk trying – very earnestly – to sell us stuff.  Ordinarily, that would be OK if (a) we hadn’t just sat down to dinner and (b) we quite clearly did not have need of new windows and doors, a roof, gardening services and so on and so on.  On the plus side, we have yet to see our first visitor wielding a copy of The Watchtower.  Inspired by those old purple Dairy Milk adverts that promised more than delivered (I much prefer Green & Black’s chocolate), I made up this sign:

The font is Anja Eliane and while it isn’t perfect (I’m not a fan of the chopped feet of the stems and would prefer them rounded), it manages to both demand attention while remaining informal… perfect for the passive-aggressive missive which you can download as a PDF from this link.