ha ha ha… no.

The Telegraph is running an article on Scotland’s best beaches.  Yeah, I know.  Not one of the top 3 is listed (not one in Fife… eh?), so the secret’s still safe.  Though there’s no ‘showy’ beaches like Applecross here in Kinghorn, remember that this village has not one, not two but three beaches and two harbours.  It’s also home to more artists and writers than certain fashionable postcodes in London.  Best of all for those of us still working, Kinghorn is just a half-hour from Edinburgh by train.  Oh and that photo above?  Without trying too hard to not boast, especially to them folk that may have a horrible commute into London each morning, that was taken from my lounge on Friday morning.  I know.  Uninterrupted views, eh?  The island is called Inchkeith while the bit on the right that juts up a wee bit is Arthur’s Seat, meaning that squiggle of buildings is Edinburgh… now imagine what Pettycur Beach (starting just beyond our back garden) must be like on a day like today.  I’ll be seeing you later then, eh?