more jiggery-pokery

It’s been a while since I last posted but hey, we have a new improved Oi! Panda.

We looked at other websites run by greetings card producers and wondered why more of them didn’t just sell their own stuff.  Let’s face it, despite the wide range on Moonpig, their range is pretty fugly and the only reason for going there is being able to personalise the card with a name.

The other reason for updating the website so soon after initial launch are these:

Rose made these.  Handbound, hand-stitched journals which have proved very popular among customers of a certain design shop in Edinburgh.  (And yes Simon, that was a very unsubtle reminder that Rose needs to be paid for the stock now you’ve sold out).

So, if you want a hand-crafted greetings card or handbound journal and don’t have time to make one yourself, you know where to click to.  Yup.  Here.