Happy New Gear!

Happy New Year!  It’s been fun these past few months but now we’re into 2012, I finally got the nudge to update my blog.  Can I remember when I last posted an update?  Not without checking.

Continuing the trend of buckling down and getting on with it, Oi! Panda has been given a complete spritz.

New year, new website.  Today has been the first opportunity to hack through a load of outstanding jobs.  Apart from various craft stalls and demos, there’s the actual making of stuff that needs doing and not forgetting – between severe storms – the collection of more raw material from the beach.  Here’s to that exhibition I’m trying to get organised in the summer.  There’s also a book to finish writing and on behalf of another author, a book that needs a wee bit more editing (never mind the bookselling that’s being done too).

It hasn’t all been productive work.

At some point, I will be publishing the full contratemps with 1&1, the world’s worst web host.  At the last count, four breaches of consumer law (including fraud) but I can’t say I’m surprised given that before I began transferring domain host, I read on various online forums (here, here, here and here) about what appears to be an ‘Exit Tax’ levied against domain owners who need to find a competent service, intelligent customer service and fair pricing structures elsewhere (not to mention an up-to-date and legally compliant set of Terms & Conditions).  More usefully, I’ll be detailing in that post what your rights are in the UK and how 1&1 and Arvato Financial Services attempt to get around them.