Mad March

All of a sudden: Spring!

With a three-day weekend that saw us tackling the garden in preparation for planting lots of tasty vegetables, we also got around to burning the remains of the hedgerow (tip: before starting any fire in your garden, remember to buy marshmallows and skewers!) and generally tidying-up.  The fun project is ripping-out the lawn.  Grass is as boring as the cricket and bowls that are played on it, so we figured wild flower garden.  I finally get to sow the interesting seeds that I gathered from the surrounding coastline last summer and these include things like scabious, hogweed, sea buckthorn and senna.

Also on the list of jobs was giving this blog a serious edit in preparation for when I do have a spare moment to properly update readers on things like sculpting techniques, furniture restoration, tradtional printing techniques and so on.

Why not head over to the Paintings and Sculpture pages to see the new slideshow galleries?


2 thoughts on “Mad March

    • Hi Norma, I forgot to mention the ox-eye daisies too. What we’re really looking forward to next month is the arrival of the wild garlic: it makes a great pesto. We usually forage for that at the same time as nettle which makes great soup.

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