The perfect writing chair

The writing chair I’ve used for years in preference to every other seat I’ve tried, is a collapsible wooden chair that I bought for £6 in a sale with some money I’d been given for Christmas.  Nearly thirty years later, the chair is a bit worse for wear but no chair has come close to being a match in comfort for a chair that’s been with me in every home I’ve lived in since I was ten.

I’ve been writing fiction for even longer than I’ve had my wooden chair and in that time I’ve gone from short stories to novels.  Novels are a marathon of effort that involve a lot of sitting.  The chair has to be just right.

I got lucky.  I found my new writing chair in a skip.  The new fabric plus some foam for extra comfort cost me less than £10.  A few hours work to clean, sand and oil the wooden frame and voila!