The Ocean at The End of The Lane

ImageGreatly anticipating Neil Gaiman’s new novel, I went to pre-order it and found that yet again, the UK publisher has done a real half-arsed job on the dust-jacket, so I’ve ordered the US version instead.  It means a longer wait to get my hands on the book but hey-ho, I should get a deckle-edged stich-bound hardbook in time for my birthday – as opposed to the designed-by-unpaid-intern, poor-quality, glue-bound rubbish that Headline is going to be fobbing off to the fans of @neilhimself

Neil gets a royalty on the book either way: the publisher who can’t be bothered gets nothing. 

Catch-up Headline: despite the territorial restrictions you’re relying on to prop-up your Old World business model, the internet allows readers willing to part with cash for a physical book, ways around your utter contempt for your author’s work.