Collected notes, research and other scribbles

It’s getting to the time of year when it’s too cold to be working in the studio or in the garden, so there’s no excuse for avoiding a review of stuff of both the stuff I’ve written this year and plan to work on next.


Piles of notes for various projects (clockwise from top left: short stories; Joe Clawfinger; The Land of Zeroes; Fragrant Snow; Fearless; Harrow; Burn Your Flag; Tiger's Maria; Gargantus; Along Glass Shore; The Hidden King; Pegasus Rising)

Not shown above are the screenplays or the stuff that I’ve decided not to follow-up and finish. The first and second drafts of these novels are in what Stephen King calls the ‘bottom drawer’. Stacked-up, my notes come up to my waist, so it’s a good job I don’t waste trees by printing each draft of each book.

On top of the notes for ‘Pegasus Rising’ (bottom left) are the other books I’ve sourced to add to my research for a project I abandoned when I read the synopsis for Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’. Having finally seen the movie last week, I’m confident that my idea is sufficiently different to get the novel written (the problem wasn’t the space travel bit but that my story has a father and daughter as main characters).

It’s time to overcome my extreme dislike of rewriting stories I should have written to the standard I was aiming for at the first attempt and get this stuff out there, after all, writers only begin books: it is readers who finish them.